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Balloons to Celebrate

Roshini set up ‘Balloons to Celebrate’ in 2021 to help local families bring a bit of extra joy to their events with her wonderful handmade balloon displays.

"Over the past few years my husband and I managed the Post Office and Convenience Store in Horsley, Surrey, raising our now 7 year old daughter, missing family overseas and navigating the new rules and ways of the world since COVID.


My family and my business are so important to me but I felt I needed something else to bring me joy and a sense of achievement, as well as work alongside the demands of running the store. This is when I found balloon artistry and instantly it felt right.

I invested in an intensive training course with Balloon Training Online to become an authorised Balloonist and begun spending my evenings designing and bringing to life different designs, themes and ideas. There is something about choosing the colours and visualising the designs that brings me a feeling of inner peace. I feel calm and it gives me an escape from the stress of daily life.

Celebrating and spending time with loved ones has become so valued and important to everyone, and balloons have a wonderful way of making an event feel a little bit more exciting and special.

The wonderful local community have been so supportive of my new venture and I love that I can help local families celebrate special events and put a smile on peoples faces with my creations."

Love Roshini x


Roshini Rameash

Balloon Artist

Authorised with Balloon Training Online

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